Kubík v letadle
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    Konec letní sezóny

    Letní sezona v našem parku skončila.
    Děkujeme za návštěvu a těšíme se na Vás v zimě.
    Pokud nám to příroda dovolí, otevřeme 25.12.2018.

    End of the summer season

    Summer season in our park was over.
    Thank you for your visit and we look forward to meeting
    you in the winter. If nature allows, we will open 25.12.2018.


Park Frymburk

Invitation by Kubík the Bear

It was my dream to have my own park in which both children and adults would have good time. And the dream came true. Let me, Kubík the Bear, welcome you in my homeplace and show you all that I prepared for you. Yet, it wasn't only me building the Park, I had help of my friends who, just as me, not only love the nature of Šumava mountains but also want others to enjoy their time here. You can see for yourselves. I'm not going to tell you about everything you can see and experience at our place, I'm going to keep some of it as a secret for you, but I will reveal a little bit now.

A lot of different animals await you in the nature trail, you can't miss Jarda the Snail at the entrance and the braver ones of you can try out tricycles, which will take you down the slope of Václav the Wolf. No need to climb the hill yourself, a lift will take you. For those of you who want to learn something new, there's a SNAG Golf learning program. But now I am telling more than I wanted, I better go and have something yummy. You, too, can get something nice and tasty at the the Three Annies Ranch, where you'll find plenty of goodies.

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