Entry into the SKIPARK FRYMBURK RESORT (hereinafter referred to as the “RESORT”) operated by SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. (i.e. land owned, leased or otherwise used by SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o.) is at the visitor’s own risk.

SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. is not liable for damage to the property and health of the RESORT visitors if caused by behaviour that does not comply with applicable laws and the operating rules of the RESORT.

Dodržování provozního řádu ve SKIPARKU mohou kontrolovat provozovatelem oprávněné osoby. Oprávněná osoba je každý pracovník společnosti SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o.

Compliance with the operating rules in the RESORT may be monitored by authorized persons of the operator. Authorized person is any employee of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o.

A visitor who violates the operating rules may be checked by a person authorized to do so and, on account of non-observance of the operating rules, may be ordered out of the RESORT or excluded from transport.

Without a prior written consent of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. or without a written agreement with SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o., all persons in the whole RESORT (ski lifts, magic carpets, buildings nad lands owned or leased by SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o.) are forbidden to carry out business or other gainful activities (such as the operation of refreshment facilities, the sale of sports equipment, the operation of ski schools, etc.) irrespective of whether or not such a person has a trade certificate and regardless of whether such activity is of a continuous, random or one-time nature. Such a person is also considered an employee who performs their activity for a natural or legal person engaged in business or other gainful activity, or a person who carries out their activity for such natural or legal person on the basis of another legal ground for payment or free of charge. A person violating this provision may be ordered out of the ski resort, or excluded from transport.

In the interest of safety of other users of the ski resort, the person legally organizing the skiing training is obliged to announce the intention in advance to the ski resort operator. Failure to comply with this obligation is considered to be a violation of the operating rules, with the possibility of being ordered out of the ski resort or excluded from transport.

It is forbidden to bring and distribute leaflets and other printed material, to conduct advertising activities, to photograph for the purpose of gainful activity, to carry out surveys and other similar activities, to perform any unauthorized business activity (sale) without the consent of the company. Visitors to the Skipark Frymburk RESORT acknowledge that photos or video or audio recordings of the visitors may be taken by the operator throughout the RESORT. Visitors agree to the gratuitous taking of these photos or video or audio recordings, and also agree that the operator publishes the taken photos or video or audio recordings with visitors free of charge for the purpose of promoting its activity, either on its website or a website of its partners. In addition, these may appear on Facebook or Instagram profiles of Park Frymburk or I love Lipno, or in printed information materials issued by the operator for the stated purpose and distributed to third parties.

V zájmu bezpečnosti ostatních uživatelů lyžařského areálu je osoba oprávněně organizující lyžařský výcvik povinna předem oznámit svůj záměr provozovateli lyžařského areálu. Nesplnění této povinnosti se považuje za porušení provozního řádu s možností vykázání z lyžařského areálu nebo vyloučení z přepravy.

Je zakázáno vnášet a rozdávat prospekty a jiné tiskoviny, provozovat reklamní činnost, fotografovat za účelem výdělečné činnosti, provádět průzkumy a jiné obdobné činnosti, dále provozovat jakoukoliv nepovolenou obchodní činnost (prodej) bez souhlasu společnosti.

Návštěvníci Skiparku Frymburk berou na vědomí, že v celém areálu mohou být pořizovány provozovatelem fotografie návštěvníků či video nebo zvukové záznamy zachycující návštěvníky. Návštěvníci souhlasí s bezúplatným pořízením těchto fotografii, videa či zvukového záznamu a souhlasí dále s tím, aby provozovatel bezúplatně uveřejnil pořízené fotografie, videa či zvukového záznamy, na nichž jsou návštěvníci vyobrazeni, za účelem propagace své činnosti, a to na webových stránkách svých nebo jeho partnerů. Dále pak na facebookových nebo instagramových profilech Park Frymburk nebo I love Lipno nebo v tištěných informačních materiálech vydávaných provozovatelem k uvedenému účelu a distribuovaných vůči třetím osobám.


The purchase of tickets undertakes transport participants to respect the transport conditions and these operating rules.

Each transport participant must check all the details on the ticket after purchase. Any inconsistencies in these data must be complained about immediately after purchase. Later complaints will not be taken into account.

The transport participant is obliged to:

  • Have a valid ticket and produce it upon request of the authorized person of the operator.
  • Pass through a check-in turnstile which will check and keep a record of the ticket before using the transport equipment.
  • Observe the instructions of the authorized person of the operator and instructions (signs, markings, warnings, etc.) located on transport equipment and around the RESORT.

Valid travel document is:

  • Ticket for individual ride on the respective transport equipment.
  • Time ticket entitling to several individual rides during its validity in a defined range or on all transport equipment in the RESORT.

Refund of unused fare or parts thereof is provided in the case of technical failures of more than 50% of transport equipment of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. for more than 2 hours. The refund is provided in the form of a new ticket corresponding to the ticket purchased on the day of the transport equipment failure. Refunds are nor provided in case of lost tickets and in the event of deterioration of weather conditions.

Group discounts apply to organized groups. When applying a discount, a list of names with the stamp of the school or organization must be presented.

The authorized person has the right to discard the ticket without refund of the nominal ticket price in case:

  • The ticket is deliberately damaged.
  • The ticket is used by an unauthorized person.
  • The ticket is invalid otherwise
  • Gross violation of the operating rules on transport equipment or downhill tracks.

Smoking is forbidden on transport equipment.

People who are under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics, or who are threatening or unwarrantedly hindering other ski resort visitors, will be excluded from transport. Exclusion from transport may be performed by the authorized person.

Visitors who use ski lifts in the RESORT for transport must respect the transport rules placed in front of the ski lift. Failure to observe the transport rules of the ski lifts will lead to proceedings against such a person in accordance with legal regulations of the Czech Republic.

Children weighing less than 20 kg may not be transported by the TATRAPOMA F12 ski lift.

Properly marked students and pupils of the SKI SCHOOL OF KUBÍK THE BEAR have the right of PRIORITY ACCESS to transport equipment.


Ski slopes are in operation during the opening hours of the SKIPARK FRYMBURK RESORT.

The SKIPARK FRYMBURK RESORT is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm and from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Night skiing is on downhill track No. 1 RELAX from 6 pm to 9 pm.

The Children’s Park of Kubík the Bear is open during night skiing.

Skiers and snowboarders use the maintained downhill track at their own risk. Downhill users pay attention to own safety as well as the safety of others. Movement on downhill tracks is forbidden for people on foot, tourists and sledders.

Failure to observe the following rules of conduct on downhill tracks may be a reason for exclusion from downhill skiing or snowboarding:

  • every visitor is required to choose the route and adapt the speed of skiing or snowboarding to his or her ability, track difficulty and condition, weather conditions and visibility
  • overtaking on the downhill track is allowed from both sides, the one overtaking is always responsible for safe overtaking
  • it is forbidden to stop at blind and busy parts of downhill tracks
  • it is forbidden to build obstacles or snow shapes on downhill tracks (e.g. slaloms, ski jumps, etc.) without the approval of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o.
  • any downhill and transport equipment user is obliged to provide help to an injured person and report accidents to RESORT staff, ambulance service (tel. 155, 112) or Mountain Rescue.
  • each visitor is obliged to observe the provisions of these rules and the instructions of authorized persons of SKIPARK FRYMBURK.

In the event of violation of these rules and by the instructions of authorized persons, the visitor may be excluded from transport on transport equipment and is fully liable for any damage that may be caused to the operators of the sports facility and to third parties.

Maintenance of downhill tracks is done mainly after the RESORT closes. For this reason, downhill tracks are closed from 4:15 pm to 8:15 am (if night skiing is in operation, the time is changed to 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm and 9:15 pm – 8:15 am) and there is a strict prohibition of entering ski slopes due to the increased risk of injury.

With regard to snow and weather conditions, the following may be done also during the opening hours of the RESORT:

  • maintenance of downhill tracks with snow cat. It is, in this case, marked with a warning light.
  • artificial snowmaking of ski slopes. The snowmaking technology is marked and sufficiently far away, or surrounded with a fence or net. When the snow cannons are in operation, the downhill user must adapt the speed for safe passage of the covered section and not endanger other skiers. It is strictly forbidden to manipulate snow cannons.
  • SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. reserves the right to allow training and competitions of skiers and snowboarders on any of the downhill tracks in the RESORT. Visitors will be informed of this situation in the form of a written notice posted at the ski lifts ticket office. The designated downhill track or part thereof will be clearly closed off and marked by the organizer of the training or competition.

During the skiing training, the relevant pedagogical staff is responsible in particular for:

  • choosing a downhill track with an adequate degree of difficulty for the lesson


  • The winter Children’s Park of Kubík the Bear (hereinafter referred to as the “PARK”) was built primarily as a skiing training area.
  • The PARK is open during the opening hours of the whole RESORT.
  • Visitors pay attention to own safety as well as the safety of others.
  • The capacity of the PARK is limited. SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. reserves the right to restrict access to the Park of Kubík the Bear due to the safety, capacity and fluency of operation.
  • Entrance to the PARK is subject to a fee. The price list is available at the ticket office of the RESORT.
  • Operation of the PARK is managed by an employee of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of PARK employees or the instructors of the Ski School of Kubík the Bear.
  • Access to the PARK without ski is only allowed if the tubing track ENILIFT is used. Access to this track is via a designated and marked corridor. The tubing track ENILILFT is an artificially made track designed for downhill rides on specially designed boats.
  • Sledding is possible in designated areas and places depending on the natural and weather conditions. CAROUSEL ENILIFT is available in the PARK for visitors. The operation of this carousel is provided by the staff of the RESORT and the Ski School of Kubík the Bear.
  • Transport in the PARK is provided by two magic carpets ENILIFT PTL 80 and ENILIFT PTL 100.
  • Operation of both carpets is managed and controlled by the staff of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. and the Ski School of Kubík the Bear.


The contractual transport conditions of the ski lift TATRAPOMA F12, MIKESKA LPVE 1,5 (hereinafter referred to as “SLCTC”) contain basic provisions for the performance of commercial service in accordance with Act No. 266/1994 Coll., on Rail Systems, as amended by Act No. 23/2000 Coll. and Act No. 111/1994 Coll.

Contract of carriage

Concluding a contract of carriage for the transport of persons gives rise to a binding legal relationship between the carrier and the passenger on the basis of the announced contractual terms of carriage, the content of which is in particular the carrier’s obligation to transport the passenger according to the approved timetable (opening hours). The carriage is carried out under a contract between the operator and the passengers. The contract is expressed in the form of a ticket. The terms of carriage are an integral part of the contract and the passenger is obliged to observe them. By purchasing a ticket, the passenger undertakes to respect the Contractual and Transport Conditions of the ski lifts of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. in all its provisions. This is valid from the time of entering the RESORT until leaving.

Travel documents

Travel documents are sold at the ticket office of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o.

Invalid travel document:

  • for which use the passenger did not comply with the conditions stipulated by SLCTC.
  • is damaged or modified in such a way that it does not show the data necessary to check the correctness of its use.
  • the data of which do not correspond to reality, have been altered unlawfully or the travel document is used up.


  • Compensation is not provided and duplicate travel documents are not issued in case of lost or stolen travel documents.
  • Ticket validity and type of fare are marked on the ticket.
  • A person with reduced mobility, whose disability, due to its nature, requires special assistance or the use of special means, must agree with the operator’s transport regulations.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden on transport equipment.

Ski lift transport rules

  1. Each user entering ski tracks does so at their own risk and must behave in such a way as not to endanger themselves or other users and cause damage to them. They must also respect the rules of safe movement on ski tracks.
  2. Only one person is allowed on one ski lift carrier. It is forbidden to transport children bellow 20 kg.
  3. Prior to starting the transport, skiers must pull their hands out of the ski sticks loops and hold the sticks in one hand, snowboarders must loosen their rear leg from the binding.
  4. During the transport, neither skiers nor snowboarders may arbitrarily go off the trail, do slalom or let go of the tow bar.
  5. It is forbidden to grab tow bars on the trail.
  6. In the event of a fall, both skiers and snowboarders must let go of the tow bar and clear the trail as soon as possible.
  7. When exiting, both skiers and snowboarders must let go of the tow bar at the designated point and exit in the specified direction.
  8. It is forbidden to use the tow trail for going downhill.
  9. When the ski lift is stopped, it is necessary to wait for it to be started again or for the operator’s instructions.
  10. Children up to 6 years of age can be transported only when accompanied. The accompanying person must be able to provide the necessary assistance to children.

Restriction of transport

In case of bad weather or excessive wind speed, the operator is obliged to limit the transport capacity of the transport equipment or close the transport equipment without returning the fare in the interest of maintaining passenger safety. Refund of unused fare or parts thereof is provided in the case of technical failures of more than 50% of transport equipment of SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. for more than 2 hours. The refund is provided in the form of a newly issued ticket corresponding to the travel document purchased earlier on the day of the transport equipment failure.

Complaints, notifications, suggestions

Complaints, notifications and suggestions can be registered at the ticket office of the RESORT by writing in the Suggestions and Complaints Book. The complaint will be handled by SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o. within 30 days. The complainant will be informed of the outcome in writing.


The Operating Rules are issued by SKIPARK FRYMBURK s.r.o.

Valid from 01-12-2013.